Derby, much like the Top End in general, is a beautiful part of the World. When staying at the Spinifex, you’ll appreciate that fact even more because the Hotel is nestled in such lush surrounds.

The gardens of the Spinifex are landscaped with tropical native flora to enhance the natural environment. That environment includes existing, mature boab trees, iconic for the region, which are dotted around the Hotel. Complimenting the statuesque presence of these bizarre ‘upside-down’ trees are palms, yuccas, cordyline grasses, frangipanis, and more.

It’s important to note, while landscaping the gardens there was ample consideration given to providing space for children to play. That’s why you’ll find large grassed, decked, and shady areas to cater for their enjoyment. Of course, the same areas are ideal for your enjoyment, as they are perfect for outdoor entertainment and functions of every kind.

Set amid the Kimberley’s iron-red, ochre soils, the oasis of the Spinifex Hotel truly is something special.